Static website hosting on Amazon S3 and Google Apps configuration

Static Web Hosting With Amazon S3

It seems that Amazon S3 is a great choice to host static websites. The setup is quite easy, all you have to do to set it up, is to follow these nice tutorials:

If you want to know more about setting up a static website with Amazon S3 you can find some extra info here.

Configuring Amazon Route 53 for Google Apps

The moment I've setup Google Apps, I also purchased a domain name. At that moment Google configured this domain behind the scenes through Enom.

As described above and in order to get your static website up and running on S3, it is key to configure Amazon Route 53 as your Domain Name System (DNS). The how-to is described in detail in step 3 and 4 of the Amazons static website hosting walkthrough.

In case of a Google Domain name registration through Enom, your configuration will consist the following steps:

  1. Go to the Google Apps Admin Console
  2. Select Domains
  3. Go to Advanced DNS settings

    DNS settings

  4. Follow the instruction to get access to Enom’s Domain Management
  5. Change Enom’s DNS settings from Default to Custom
  6. Fill in the DNS servers names copied from Amazon

    DNS servers

By now your website should be online and accessible through your domain name. The only thing missing is the conversion of the MX records from Enom to Amazon’s Route 53. Without this conversion it will be impossible to deliver your domain’s emails.

The conversion of the MX records is also quite easy:

  1. Go to Amazon Route 53
  2. Select your Hosted zone
  3. Select Go to Record sets
  4. Click the Create Record set button.

    Record set

Fill in the following values:

  • name: blank
  • type: MX
  • Alias: No
  • TTL: 300
  • Value: MX record values
  • Routing Policy: Simple

Save the record. You’re all set!