Banana pi: Enhanced Quick start (Headless enabled image)

Currently, the standard Banane Pi Lubuntu image doesn’t come with a ssh server installed. Lacking this package it is impossible to boot your Banana pi out of the box in headless mode. I took the latest Lunbuntu image (version 3.0), did a quick updated and installed some extra packages to allow you to boot up without a screen or keyboard attached, as an extra I added an new user with sudo privileges. Enjoy…


  • Download the image (zip) here

  • MD5: c8e1b7b6f496a726b8c2e610e0dabe46

  • SHA1: 673883bf7533167784ff4516f1b78d79e80a80d5* Download the image (rar) here

Image login:

  • root/root!
  • pi/raspberryssh pi@bananapi.local


Extra packages - vim - htop - screen
Summary of the commands

> sudo apt-get install vim htop screen openssh-server
> useradd pi -m -s /bin/bash
> passwd pi
> adduser pi sudo
`</pre>Renamed the hostname to bananapi
<pre class="prettyprint">`&gt; vim /etc/hostname
&gt; vim /etc/hosts